Mapping Memories was a four-year SSHRC research-creation project directed by Liz Miller and involving over 100 refugee youth from Montreal and Toronto. The project was affiliated with the oral history project, Life Stories of Montrealers Displaced by WarOur dynamic team of students, policy makers, activists and educators led workshops to train youth in video, audio, digital images, and digital cartography to document their stories of migration and separation. The project resulted in 18 first person short films developed by participants, one documentary database Korsakow project, six short films documenting our process and a book/DVD. The films have been screened in festivals, conferences and were the centerpiece of a 30-school tour throughout Montreal that reached thousands of students. Our original self-published 160-page publication is geared towards organizers and activists with chapters written by Liz Miller, Michele Luchs and Gracia Jalea.

Eds, Miller, Liz with Michele Luchs. (2011) Mapping Memories: Participatory Media, Place-Based Stories & Refugee Youth, Montreal, (Montreal: Self Published).