Novela, Novela is a 30-minute documentary about a group of Nicaraguan feminists who have fused human rights with popular culture to create Nicaragua’s most popular tele-novela (soap opera). The main characters of “The Sixth Sense”, Nicaragua’s only homegrown telenovela, aren’t rich kids, jocks, or beauty queens – they’re working-class teenagers who help each other deal with tough issues like homophobia, racism, and domestic violence. Novela,Novela examines how this ground-breaking series made it to broadcast, and how the creators, writers, actors and viewers grappled with representing domestic violence and homophobia in this impoverished country heavily influenced by the Catholic church

Awards and Selected Screenings

  • Honorary Mention, International Association of Women in Radio & TV, 2003
  • Latin American Studies Association Award of Merit in Film, 2002
  • Women’s Rights Award, Media that Matters, 2002
  • Freedom Award, Outfest, Los Angeles Film Festival, 2002
  • Broadcast: Free Speech Television, Link TV.