A personal project in the form of  augmented reality using moles as both theme and navigational device. 

Moles is a meditation on moles, self-exams, and skin cancer. I began the project twenty years ago as the Internet was emerging as a unique space for artistic creation. I used my moles, the unique marks on my body, as a navigational device for an interactive autobiographical web documentary. Each mole was connected to a story and formed part of a personal constellation.  Now, twenty years later I revisit the project in an era of virtual and augmented reality. Both the technological affordances and my story constellation have changed.  In Moles 2019 I explore the risks of melanoma. My parents are dealing with skin cancer and I am grappling with my aging body, my changing moles and what it means to revisit a past project. What do my moles  tell me about personal and technological mutations? How does technology inform our ability to narrate personal stories – what is missing, what is left out, what mutates over time?

Awards and Selected Screenings from 2009

  • Gallery/ Museum Exhibitions
    2nd Annual Digital Art Exhibition of the New York Hall of Science
    Obsession exhibition at Goucher College
    Gallery Dominikanerkirche at European Media Art Festival
    Dream Centenary CG Grand Prix99 in Japan
    Brooks Gallery at The Cooper Union3
  • Print/Web Publications
    Stills published in art magazine, Simul – taneita, Italy, 99.
    Assemblage: The Women’s Hypertext Gallery, 2000.
    Drunken Boat Winter/Spring 2001 – http://www.drunkenboat.com