What if you lived by the largest body of fresh water in the world but could no longer afford to use it?

The Water Front is the story of an American city engaged in a heated battle over water privatization, but it is not just about water. The story touches on the very essence of our democratic system and is an unnerving indication of what is in store for residents around the world facing their own water struggles. The film raises timely questions such as; Who determines the future of shared public resources? What are alternatives to water privatization?

The documentary film won several awards, was screened in over 50 festivals, was broadcast on Netflix, The Documentary Channel, PBS Detroit, on Saragaza television and around the world.  In coordination with a national environmental organization, Food and Water Watch, the film toured around the Great Lakes visiting 30 cities and continues to be incorporated into class and learning guides including the Oxfam curriculum guide on gender and global issues.The documentary is accompanied by a viewing/curriculum guide.

Awards and Selected Screenings

  •  Silver Drop Award, World Water Forum, Istanbul (2009)
  •  Community Empowerment Award, NCRC, D.C (2009)
  •  Honorable Mention, Chris Award, OH (2008)
  • Katherine Knight Award, EarthVision Environmental Film Festival, CA (2008)
  •  “Best of Fest” at 2008 Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival, WA (2008)
  •  Documentary Finalist at the San Francisco Black Film Festival, CA (2008)
  • Recipient of Best Water and Wetlands Film, Ecofilms, Rodos, Greece (2007)
  • Water Warriors, Media That Matters Environmental Award for 7-minute short, NY (2006)
  • Ithaca Environmental Film Festival (2013)
  • Charlotte Film Festival, North Carolina (2008)
  • Ecofilm – Rodos International Film and Visual Arts Festival, Greece, (2007)
  • EcoZine – Saragoza, Spain (2008)
  • Environmental Film Festival at the Nations Capitol, D.C, USA, (2008)
  • Environmental Film Festival of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain ) (20 08)
  • Festival of Liberties, Brussels, (2008)
  • Southeast Museum of Photography, Florida, (2008
  • World Water Tribune, Expo, Zaragoza, Spain, (2008)
  • Installation for Community Initiatives, Expo (Zaragoza, Spain), 08